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Source: effectivealtruism.org
[Detta är tredje och sista delen av gästande bloggavsnitt från SASSE Sustainability Group på Stockholms Handelshögskola, om effektiv altruism och effektivt givande.]

In our most recent article, we elaborated on four charities that aim to promote solutions to different pressing problems in the world. Our research on those charities was based on a variety of EA resources that set high standards to empirical evidence. Because we obviously cannot cover every relevant EA topic ourselves via our articles, we would like to present you some of our favorite resources, which empower you to make your own research in those topics that you deem to be most relevant and provide you with the most effective ways of promoting good in the world.
Effective Altruism is about using evidence and reasoning to figure out how to help and benefit others as much as possible and taking action on that basis. They emphasize the problem prioritization framework of importance, neglectedness and solvability, stressing the marginal impact that one can have with their benevolent actions. Effective Altruism Sweden is a bit of a hub for everything altruistic. If you want to find out more about your potential impact you can have in the world, a great place to start is effectivealtruism.org.

Geeffektivt.se is a website operated by the non-profit organization Effective Altruism Sweden and the leading platform in Sweden for effective donation advice. Geeffektivt encourages donors to donate via their website, which brings the benefit of 100% of donations going straight to charity. By bundling donations and transferring them only once quarterly to charities, all transaction costs can be eliminated, which otherwise usually correspond to up to 5% for any transfer. In case you are looking for a present for a special occasion and want to donate in the name of someone else, you can also give a greeting card to your friends and family.

Givingwhatwecan.org stands out especially due to its income calculator, which we have already touched upon in our 1st article on EA. The income calculator shows you how well off you actually are on a global comparison. Furthermore, the calculator shows you the impact of your commitment in terms of annual healthy lives saved and how it would affect your own wealth level. Hint: Even a significant pledge of 10% monthly or more, would still place you at the very top of global wealth;) As with some other resources, they also encourage you to settle a pledge to give a certain percentage of your income in regular intervals. While this pledge is not legally binding, it provides many further advantages, such as giving a sense of a like-minded community, providing inspiration for the public, and promoting donations by being committed.

Source: 80000hours.org
80000hours.org is our favorite source for finding information on how to contribute to positive change in the world via your career choice. The resource aims to solve the most pressing skill bottlenecks in the world's most pressing problems. It offers an incredible overview of current problem areas. For a variety of those areas, 80,000 Hours provides an exhaustive assessment on the scale, neglectedness, and solvability of the respective problems. Most importantly, the website weighs the pros and cons of pursuing a career in the respective area and points out the most relevant career choices contributing to obtain solutions to solve the world's most pressing problems. It furthermore allows you to explore areas that best suit your skill set, interest, and experiences, enabling you to maximize your own personal impact. Lastly, it recommends concrete next steps which might embody the highest level of impact by your work.

The lifeyoucansave.org is a nonprofit inspiring and empowering people to take action in the fight against extreme poverty. Their site facilitates the donation process for you as they have compiled top charities which have been rigorously evaluated for you to have the largest impact per dollar spent. You as a user can then see exactly how much of an impact you can have for each given charity with a given amount of dollars. Finally, they let you take the pledge to donate part of your income, and thelifeyoucansave.org has a function that suggests an amount based on your income- so you won't even notice the minuscule impact on your standard of living. Donate, and you're gonna notice you're not noticing!

Source: givinggreen.earth
Givinggreen.earth should be your first touchpoint in case you want to learn more about effective donations within the climate crisis problem area, which is likely one of the most polarizing fields for us students since the potential threats of climate change might drastically shape our future. This resource provides an actionable guide that anyone can understand about making use of limited resources. It is focused on two relevant sectors: policy change and verifiable offsets of greenhouse gases, which are two main levers for combating the climate crisis.

Givewell.org is a non-profit charity assessment and effective altruism-focused organization that focuses primarily on the cost-effectiveness of charities to help donors decide where to give. They evaluate charities in terms of saving the most lives per dollar, with the goal to produce the world's top research on where to give free access for all. On their website, you can find an extensive list of cost-effective charities. Their recommendations are based on over 20, 000 hours of research analysis which results in them finetuning a list of the top 18 best charities, ensuring you can have the largest impact with your money. They even feature their extensive spreadsheet showing exactly how their analyses of different charities were conducted and how they were assessed. Similar to lifeyoucansave.org, they provide a function where you can calculate the impact you can have by donating a certain amount to different types of charities within different problem areas.

Source: 1fortheworld.org
1fortheworld.org is a movement of people revolutionizing their charitable giving to end extreme poverty. The site features their 1% pledge, motivating people to donate 1% or more of their income to the world's most cost-effective charities, every month for life. They also have an impact calculator where you get to see the yearly impact you can have by donating x % of your salary. They show you how you could optimize your impact by donating that monthly percentage to several different charities. Their message is that our quality of life is not different keeping 99% of our salaries. But with that 1 remaining %, we can change the lives of those in extreme poverty.

[Detta är tredje och sista delen av tre gästande bloggavsnitt från SASSE Sustainability Group på Stockholms Handelshögskola, om effektiv altruism och effektivt givande. Du kan läsa originalet på Medium.]
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