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We make donations to
some of the world's most
effective charities easier.

Make your gift go further.

Did you know that the difference in effect is estimated to be...
... between an average charity, and the very best.*

*Median number from a British study with 45 experts in global poverty.


We recommend charities that are top ranked by independent charity evaluators within global health, climate and animal welfare. What they have in common is that they all score well on the following criteria:
Evidence based
Is it well documented that the interventions work?
Cost effective
How much of a difference does each krona make?
Room for growth
How much more could the charity achieve with more funding?
Is the organization transparent regarding their work and results?
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Why give through us?
We are a simplifying platform between Swedish donors and some of the most effective charities in the world.

The charities we recommend are thoroughly examined and highly ranked because their interventions make a vast difference. Your gift will simply help more.

When Swedish donors give through Ge Effektivt we can reduce the transaction costs in order to make a larger share of the gift reach the charity, and we help you get a tax reduction when you donate to organizations that qualify.
100% of your gift reaches the charity we think will make the best use of it.
To choose charities you can include the charity's name in your transfer message.

On our Swedish site we support picking charities, and recurring monthly donations.

Make a bigger difference with your donation

For monthly donations, please use our Swedish donation page.
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Swish us directly through 123 380 60 15.

Please let us know in the message what charity or cause area should receive your donation.
Bank building
Bank transfer
Make a direct bank transfer to bankgiro: 5232-3524

For international transfers use the below information
IBAN: SE48 9500 0099 6042 1988 8700

Not located in Sweden?

We also collaborate with other organizations for effective giving across the world, where you can get help to donate with local payment systems and get tax deductibility.

Australia: Effective Altruism Australia
Canada: RC Forward
Denmark: Giv Effektivt
Estonia: Anneta Targalt
Germany: Effektiv Spenden
Netherlands: Doneer Effectief
New Zealand: Effective Altruism New Zealand
Norway: Gi Effektivt
Spain: Ayuda Efectiva
Switzerland: Effektiver Altruismus/Effektiv Spenden
United Kingdom & United States: Giving What We Can
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