Personuppgifter som delas genom donationer till och besök på hemsidan kan komma att sparas, enligt nedan policy.

Vår integritetspolicy är på engelska för att säkerställa att alla våra medlemmar och givare kan läsa och förstå den.

Ge Effektivt Data Protection Policy


We want you to be confident that the personal data you provide to us is in safe hands at all times. Ge Effektivt (GE) has prepared this Data Protection Policy to document how we ensure that our processing of your personal data is in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

Data controller

Ge Effektivt, registration number 802536-0739, is the data controller for personal data collected from you and processed on this website and within the scope of our services.

When do we collect your personal data?

  • When you apply for a job or internship from Ge Effektivt

  • When you contact Ge Effektivt

  • When you register for an event or seminar organised by Ge Effektivt

  • When you subscribe to newsletters or order materials from Ge Effektivt

  • When we request your personal data with your informed consent for future contact and processing

  • When we purchase email address lists from third parties

What data do we collect?

The main type of personal data we may process is donor information such as names and personal identity numbers, as well as contact information, including addresses, phone numbers and email addresses. We also collect information about the qualifications of candidates who have applied for a job, internship or project grant from Ge Effektivt. When you contact Ge Effektivt, we process the personal data relevant to your enquiry. We will store data for as long as required to render a service you have requested or for which you have given your consent. We may store data longer if required by law or to protect our legitimate interests, for example, during ongoing legal proceedings.

What do we use the data for?

We will enter your personal data in our database when you apply for grants, order materials or subscribe to newsletters via our website, or when you contact us by phone or email. We use the personal data you provide to process enquiries and for our own statistical purposes. The personal data may also be used for information-processing purposes, following up and improving the activities of GE, and to defend the organisation's rights. We also collect data to measure our impact, e.g. to find out the number of people who attend our events or if we have impacted someone's career choice or donation decisions. When you apply for jobs, we will use your personal data strictly for the purpose for which they were provided. We may save applications for one year from the end of a recruitment period to ensure compliance with Swedish legislation.

Who do we share your data with?

GE may share personal data with companies that process personal data on behalf of GE (data processors), such as IT suppliers and partners. GE is always responsible for the processing of your data by such companies.

Personal data may also be shared if required to:

  • comply with applicable law, regulations, legal proceedings or requests from executive agencies

  • To measure our impact

  • safeguard legitimate interests of GE

  • discover, prevent or otherwise call attention to security or technical issues and fraud.

GE always strives to store personal data within the EU/EEA, but personal data may be transferred to and processed in countries outside of the EU/EEA by a supplier or subcontractor, for example, in the case of cloud service usage. GE shall take organisational and technical measures to ensure secure processing of personal data at an adequate level of protection comparable to and at par with the protection provided within the EU/EEA.

Links to external websites

GE website may contain links to websites owned or operated by a party other than GE. GE is not responsible for any processing of your personal data on these websites.

Data Protection Policy amendments

In the event of amendments to this Data Protection Policy, GE will publish the modified Data Protection Policy at including notice of the effective date of the amendments. If GE makes any significant amendments to the Data Protection Policy, the foundation may also choose another method of informing you, such as by email or publishing an announcement at

Legal basis, storage and deletion of personal data

By providing data to GE, you consent to GE collecting and storing information about your enquiry and processing the personal data provided for the specified purpose(s). GE's legal basis for processing will be one of the following: performance of a contract, a legal obligation, legitimate interest or consent. If GE uses legitimate interest as the legal basis, this will be solely for the purposes described above. Please note that you can withdraw your consent at any time by notifying us. Data are processed in accordance with applicable legislation, which means that personal data is not retained for longer than is necessary in relation to the purposes of processing.

In practice, this means that data are deleted when they are no longer necessary or useful for analyses or contacts under the purposes for which they were collected. Some information may be retained longer than this to meet other statutory requirements, such as those of the Swedish Accounting Act. GE shall maintain a high level of security and confidentiality in all personal data processing.

Your rights and options

You have rights with respect to your personal data, including the right to influence your data and what data is saved. GE will rectify information that is discovered to be incorrect on your initiative or its own initiative. You also have the option of requesting that your data be deleted or its use restricted at any time by contacting us. If you believe that your rights are not being respected, you are welcome to contact GE or the Swedish Data Protection Authority. You can opt out of receiving communications from GE at any time. You are always welcome to contact GE for assistance in opting out of our communications.

Right to request information and rectification

You are entitled to request a copy of the personal data undergoing processing by GE and information about the purpose of the processing free of charge twice a year. You are also entitled to rectification, anonymisation or erasure of data. Contact us using the addresses under the section entitled Contact information of GE if you would like to learn more about how GE processes your personal data.

Contact information of GE

If you have questions about how GE processes personal data or wish to request a copy of your personal data processed by the foundation, please contact us:

If you request a copy of your personal data more often than twice in one year, GE will charge a fee of EUR 50 to cover its administrative costs for processing these requests. The fee is payable in advance to an account designated by GE.


GE has taken the technical security measures necessary to protect your personal data from unauthorised access, modification and erasure.

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1. Avtalen
Avtalet består av dessa försäljningsvillkor, information som tillhandahålls i betalningslösningen samt eventuella speciellt överenskomna villkor. I händelse av konflikt mellan informationen kommer det som särskilt överenskommits mellan parterna att gälla, så länge det inte strider mot obligatorisk lagstiftning.

Avtalet kommer också att kompletteras med relevanta lagbestämmelser som reglerar köp av varor mellan företag och konsumenter.

2. Parterna drivs av
Effektiv Altruism Sverige,
Norrsken House Postbox 5
Birger Jarlsgatan 57C
113 56 Stockholm, Sweden
Org. nr: 802506-1261


Ge Effektivt
c/o The Park
Hälsingegatan 49
113 31 Stockholm
Org. nr: 802536-0739

Givaren är den som gör betalningen och kallas nedan givaren.

3. Priser
Du väljer beloppet för donationen och om du vill donera en gång eller varje månad.

Ingen moms tas ut på donation.

Effektiv Altruism Sverige är skyldigt av juridiska skäl att förbehåller sig rätten att bestämma den slutliga användningen av donationer som ges till organisationen. Effektiv Altruism Sverige har dock beslutat att fortsätta donationer enligt givarens önskemål och har aldrig avvikit från detta tidigare. Det finns inga planer på att flytta ifrån detta. Effektiv Altruism Sverige tar inga avgifter och donerar vidare hela beloppet som anges på givarens begäran. Det är dock givarna fritt att välja att donera till driften av

4.1 Betalning
Betalning sker med den valda betalningsmetoden på webbplatsen. Du väljer om du vill betala via banköverföring eller Swish.

4.2 Månatlig betalning
Om du i din bank har valt att donera ett fast belopp varje månad, kommer detta avdrag på ungefär samma dag i månaden som när donationen startades. Du kan själv välja att avbryta månadsbetalningen i din nätbank.

5. Leverans
När betalningen är klar får du en bekräftelse och ett kvitto på den e-postadress som du har registrerat hos oss.

Kvitton skickas med jämna mellanrum och det kan därför vara en viss fördröjning mellan mottagande av betalning och mottagande av kvitto.

6. Ångerrätt
Kontakta för alla frågor om betalningar som har gjorts.

7. Uppsägning av avtal (bank)
Om du donerar regelbundet genom vanlig banköverföring kan du säga upp detta avtal direkt i din nätbank. Logga in på din nätbank, gå till översikten över fasta transaktioner och avtal, avsluta din fasta transaktion till

8. Sekretess, säkerhet och personlig information
Vi lagrar din information när du donerar, för att hantera donationer, hålla statistik och erbjuda skatteavdrag. Du kan när som helst kräva att vi raderar all personlig information som är associerad med dig genom att skicka ett e-postmeddelande till Läs mer i vår integritetspolicy.

9 Kontakt och support
Har du frågor, ta kontakt med

10. Ändring av kontrakt
Efter att en betalning har gjorts har ingen rätt att ändra villkoren för den om inte annat avtalats.

11. Klagomål
Vid klagomål, vänligen kontakta oss på

12. Konfliktlösning
Klagomål riktas till inom rimlig tid. Parterna ska sträva efter att lösa eventuella tvister i vänskaplig anda. Om detta inte lyckas kan givaren kontakta Konsumentverket för medling. Konsumentverket finns tillgängligt på telefon 0771–42 33 00 eller
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