Plausible ignore

Hey Team, Let's Keep Our Stats Real!

What's Up With This?
Alright folks, we've got a nifty little trick on our internal site now. You can turn off Plausible Analytics tracking with a simple click. Why? Well, we want our stats to be as real as possible, reflecting what our awesome donors are up to, not just us.

Why We're Doing This
  1. Keeping It Real: Our main aim is to get the lowdown on what our real users are doing. If we're all in the mix, it might give us a wonky picture.
  2. What's Relevant: We're often on the site for all sorts of reasons – testing stuff, updating things, you name it. By stepping out of the tracking game, we ensure our stats are more about our users, less about our lunchtime browsing.
How It Works
Browser Thing: This whole opt-out thing works per browser. So, if you're a multi-browser guru, you'll need to do this on each one.
Just For You: It's all about your profile. Once you opt out, your deep dives into our site won't mess with the analytics.
Remember This
Keep in mind, this is a browser-by-browser, you-by-you kind of deal. Jumping onto a different browser or gadget? You'll need to opt out there too if you don't want to be counted.
Need Help?
Got questions? Something not clicking right? Give our IT wizards a shout. They're here to help!